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resources, neat reads, worth watching & helpers
resources, neat reads, worth watching & helpers

As most of you know, my personal story intersected with several lineages. From the lighthearted joy of Zen, to the gracefulness of the Tao, somewhere between Vishishtadvaita and Advaita and with a sprinkle of the Immaculate Heart's mysticism, I experienced nothing short of a wringer and to this day, the washing cycle hasn't quite stopped :)

Below are some of the things that helped me regain balance, or re-direct my course when needed.  Although I know most of you share the non-dual perspective, feel free to post from what ever perspective you find helpful. 

Would the 3 Matrix be too obvious?
Since it seems people are focusing on movies, I would recommend "What the bleep?! Down the rabbit hole". Although I have some very mixed feelings about certain parts of this film, (some even culturally insensitive) most of the content is... (More)
Any one seen revolver? I just re-read some of the dialogue after a long time... What a beautifully unique and subtle portrayal of the ego. Maybe it's time for a group movie night - Who's in?
For me personally, no one brought more comfort in my moments of darkness than Ram Dass. Although his talks are all over the internet, here is one of my all time favourites: